"It's Time to Try Out Something Else." GM Andrei Deviatkin Decides to Quit His Chess Career

Время публикации: 24.06.2013 23:07 | Последнее обновление: 25.06.2013 14:36

GM Andrei Deviatkin decided to finish his chess career and announced his decision on his Facebook page: "Maybe I will continue playing Fischer's chess, but the fact that there are no tournaments in this format means that chess is over for me. It's time to try out something else."

Soon after this post he gave an interview to Chess-News, in which he talked about the reasons of such a decision. Namely, Deviatkin said: "I just understood that chess became an absolutely different game from the one I have played in my childhood and youth. The computer has changed it dramatically. It was clear already at that time, but I decided to put off this decision, since I wasn't even a grandmaster, but only a strong master. I had at least to become a grandmaster, which I did two years later. After this, I have had a promising pupil Nikolai Chadaev, so I couldn't just quit chess - I wanted to help him and, at the same time, I have been working hard and eventually reached an elo rating of 2608, but now my interest is over."


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