Ilya levitov: "A Highly Deserved and Glorious Victory by Boris Gelfand."

Время публикации: 24.06.2013 13:38 | Последнее обновление: 24.06.2013 13:38

The awarding ceremony of the winners of the Tal Memorial took place yesterday in the center of digital technology "Krasnij Oktyabr" in Moscow.

Ilya Levitov: "A huge thanks to all of the participants of the competition, which was a success. Generally speaking, the recent Memorials have all been held in a very vivid fight, with a lot of interesting games... The Tal Memorial is like a small island of stability: chess tournaments in the world come and go, but the Tal Memorial has been now rooted for eight years... "

The third place, according to the tie break, went to Fabiano Caruana. "For the sake of diversity, Carlsen took the second place," said the Chairman of the RCF when inviting the silver medalist on stage.

Finally, Levitov handed the cup to the winner: "I am very excited to reward Boris Abramovich Gelfand - above all, because he's my friend. It is a highly deserved and glorious victory."

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