Mikhail Panarin and Valentina Gunina Became Russian Rapid Chess Champions

Время публикации: 22.05.2013 20:01 | Последнее обновление: 22.05.2013 20:01

The Russian Men and Women Rapid Chess Championships have finished in St. Petersburg.

In men's section four players tied for first with 6.5/9. The tiebreak result placed them as following: Mikhail Panarin, Alexey Dreev, Vladimir Fedoseev and Anton Shomoev. Ernesto Inarkiev who was leading the competition after first five rounds eventually finished with 5.5 points.  
Final standings

Valentina Gunina took clear first in women's section with 7.5/9. Daria Pustovoitova finished half a point behind the winner, Anastasia Bodnaruk and Irina Sudakova lost gunian a full point.
Final standings


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  • Today at 14.45 Moscow time, at the hotel "Saint Petersburg", was scheduled the opening of the Russian Men and Women Rapid Championships. The first round started at 15.00. Both competitions will be held simultaneously according to the Swiss system of nine rounds, five of which will be played today, the other four - tomorrow. Time control is 15 +10. Tournament prize fund for men is 320 000 rubles, for women - 180 000.

  • The prize fund for the next year's Russian Men and Women Rapid Championships will be higher. This was announced by Evgeny Bareev at the closing ceremony of the recent championship held in St. Petersburg. Let us remind you, Mikhail Panarin and Valentina Gunina became the winners of 2013 championships. The prize fund for the men's championship 2013 was 320 thousand Russian RUB (approx. 7950 EUR).

  • The first five rounds of the Russian rapid championship have been played in St. Petersburg. Ernesto Inarkiev is leading with 4.5/5. Igor Lysyj, Ildar Khairullin and Sanan Sjugirov follow him with 4 points each, other six participants have 3.5 points. The nine-round tournament will continue tomorrow. 
    Pairings for Round 6

  • The new champion surpassed the former one on half a point 

  • The first day of the Women's World Blitz Championship has finished today in Batumi, Georgia. The Russian player Valentina Gunina is an undoubted hero of it. After she had 3 points out of three rounds Gunina wondered "How lucky I am". Gunina continued "being lucky" throughout all the following rounds. Valentina outplayed Georgians Chiburdanidze, Khukhashvili, Georgian Spanish Matnadze, Ukrainians Muzychuk Mariya and Natalia Zhukova, Chinese Tan Zhongyi and Cori Deysi of Peru.

  • In St Petersburg, the tournaments for the Russian rapid championship have ended. Both men's and women's events had the same feature: the rating favourites failed to shine and some did very poorly. For example, the second rated Vladimir Malakhov (2700) finished in 30th place and lost 41.2 rating points. Top seed Ildar Khairullin withdrew after 5 rounds, for reasons that so far are unknown to us. Boris Grachev was rated 6th but finished 22nd (losing 23.6 rating points).

  • In Kutaisi, the Women's European Rapid Championships has passed the large majority of its course, eight rounds out of eleven. With three rounds to go, the heroine of day two was Alexandra Kosteniuk, who won all her games. Now she has 6.5 points, the same score as Stefanova, who scored 100% the previous day. 

  • Russia takes overall third place  

  • The Russian Veterans Championship took place, not for the first time, at the Lesnoy Gorodok recreation centre in the suburbs of Moscow. The event was a 9-round Swiss. 

    Photo - ruchess.ru

  • The Women's Blitz World Championship has just ended in Batumi. The tournament was held as a 15-round Swiss. The Russian Valentina Gunina (the European Champion in classical chess) secured the first place with a round to spare. Gunina won in the final round as well (against Bela Khotenashvili) and scored the total of 13 points out of 15. It's an unqualified success!