Stavanger: Sergey Karjakin Won the Blitz Tournament and Chose to Be Fifth in the Table (GAMES)

Wednesday, 08.05.2013 00:43

The first round of the super tournament with nine super-GMs and Jon Ludvig Hammer will be held tomorrow in Stavanger. Today the drawing of the lots for the competition was settled by the blitz tournament. Russian GM Sergey Karjakin won the competition with 6.5 points. Carlsen, Anand and Nakamura finished with 6 points each.

Soon after the tournament was finished Karjakin tweeted: "I got tons of pleasure by playing blitz! Far more boring classic is ahead:))"

According to regulations the winner of the blitz tournament had the right to choose the number in the table by his own. Karjakin chose to be fifth.

Pairings for Round 1:
Carlsen - Topalov
Anand - Aronian
Nakamura - Wang Hao
Svidler - Hammer
Karjakin - Radjabov

Information on the tournament

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  • After defeating Magnus Carlsen in the penultimate round of the super tournament taking place in Stavanger, Wang Hao of China upset the reigning World Champion Vishy Anand. The outcome of the game was decided between 14th and 16th moves when Anand was forced to give away his queen without considerable compensation. The stiff resistance didn't help Indian to hold.

  • The winner of the friendly match Ivanchuk - Giri was already known yesterday: Anish told us the real regulations differed from the ones published on the official website. The players got points as follows +2 =1 -1, however, the winner of the match was decided by the results in each format not by the sum of the points for each game.

  • The day two of the Geneva Chess Masters in Group B brought the following results: Alexandra Kosteniuk lost against Hikaru Nakamura, while Etienne Bacrot defeated his compatriot Romain Edouard 1.5-0.5. Thus, Nakamura and Bacrot scored 2 points each and move into semifinal, Kosteniuk and Edouard withdraw. Tomorrow's encounters won't decide anything.

  • Sergey Karjakin: "I had no wish of moving into theoretical discussion in Dragon..."

  • The 7th round of the Stavanger super tournament was marked with three victories. Among the winners were Sergey Karjakin and Magnus Carlsen. Norwegian defeated his compatriot Hammer, Russian GM beat Hikaru Nakamura of America. Karjakin could maintain the sole lead only in case of winning. he gave a brief commentary on his winning game exclusively for Chess-News:  

  • Sergey Karjakin on his third win in a row in Stavanger  

  • In one of the earlier commentaries, when the preliminary composition of the tournament has just been announced, Norwegian Jon Ludvig Hammer noted he would be happy if he'd manage to win at least one game.  

    Image -

  • The friendly match between Vassily Ivanchuk and Anish Giri is taking place in Leon. On the first day the GMs played two games with 45+15 time control, today four games with 20+10 time control took place. Tomorrow Ukrainian and Dutch will play ten blitz games of 5+3. The score counting system is quite unusual: the player gets 2 points for a win and 1 point for the draw or loss. 

  • The key game of Round 5 of Baku Open finished decisively. Alexey Dreev defeated the leader Nidjat Mamedov. Azerbaijani GM's decision to sacrifice a pawn after the opening (15...Nc6?) was inaccurate and brought him only problems. Another mistake was 19...Nb8? which led to a lost position, Dreev didn't give his opponent a chance to survival.

  • All games of the 7th round of the Women's Grand Prix taking place in Geneva finished decisively. In addition only Anna Muzychuk managed to win with white pieces. In other five games the wins were celebrated by the players with black pieces: Khotenashvili defeated Cmilyte, Ju Wenjun beat Ushenina, Dzagnidze defeated Girya, Kosteniuk took an upper hand on Tuvshintugs and Hou Yifan was stronger than Kateryna Lahno.