The Next Phase of the Grand Prix Could Be Held in Thessaloniki

Время публикации: 01.05.2013 13:50 | Последнее обновление: 01.05.2013 13:50

This was mentioned during the interview to our site by the leader of the current Grand Prix series Veselin Topalov:

"In a week starts the competition in Norway, in Stavanger, followed then by the next phase of the Grand Prix. I have accepted the invitation to play in Norway, because I was not sure that all of these phases (the current in Zug and the next one, that will probably be held in Thessaloniki) will take place. There was no guarantee. And just in case, not to be left without a tournament, I agreed."

The venue of the next phase of the Grand Prix is not specified on the official FIDE website. The tournament is planned for May 22 - June 5.

The full interview will be available in English on our website soon. 


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