Born to Play Chess

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Garry Kasparov celebrates 50th birthday

He has been called the best chess player on Earth more often than any other world champion. He is one of the few great players who decided to "retire on time." It's been eight years that Garry Kasparov has left the active chess. Today he turned fifty.  

Soon after the midnight people who know Kasparov quite closely started leaving congratulations on his website This is what has written Kasparov's long-term coach Alexander Nikitin:

"...You developed and cherrished the interest to perceive the unknown from early childhood. This made you an intellectual in variety of subjects. Only professionals can argue with you in such fields as economics, history, sociology or politics and that's why no one dares to dispute with you. It's easier to suppress and ignore you. Now the winner of eight gold medals at different Olympiads has a reputation of an accuser of the regime that governs our country and as a result you face the government's counteraction which tries to prevent you from spreading your criticism to the masses. The TV channels and newspapers buried you in oblivion, you are not allowed to hold even chess lectures for the chess fans including children. It's strange to see this... 

[...] Now you really need not only mental but physical strength, wisdom and peaceful mind in order to make right decisions. I wish you to have all these, so the wishes of your devoted friends and fans will come true as you have deserved that for your noble deeds focused on developing chess."   

* * *

Garry Kasparov's old friend and colleague Zurab Azmaiparashvili congratulates him with his birthday on our website.

"Kasparov is only fifty but it feels as if it's already been ages since the farewell tournament in Linares! Garry Kimovich's sensational announcement about him leaving chess world has shocked a lot of chess fans despite the fact were they supporting him or not. Whom else than me, the person who has lived by his side and worked in his team watching his games and rejoicing his victories in all three World Championship Matches, could understand that the chess world has suffered a great loss.                         

Garry Kasparov is the brightest star of all those whom I had luck to meet. I would like to congratulate him with his jubilee and wish him health, domestic happiness, luck and deserved assessment of his contribution to the development of chess!    

Garry Kimovich has pleased us by taking an active part in chess politics for the last few years. The chess world is facing a considerable problem of how to develop on a new level of the globalised world politics. I am deeply convinced that the name of Garry Kasparov should make an invaluable contribution to this development!      

Once again I congratulate Garik with his birthday and wish him reaching of new chess frontiers and of course longevity!      

With love and respect,

* * *

Vladimir Kramnik (the only player who managed to defeat Kasparov in the match) has also congratulated Garry Kasparov during the interview he gave us several days ago here on Chess-News.

"I would like to wish Garry Kimovich, as any other person, health and happiness. Let the life to bring him more positive impressions than the negative ones. Wishing getting only positive emotions would be stupid as that is impossible. I would like him to stay in chess in any way. It's a pity if such a great player - the whole epoch - will completely leave chess and start doing something else.         

At least he visited Zurich and commentated the games which was very interesting, it was pleasant to see him there, everyone was really happy that he came. Let's hope that he will have chess as a priority. It seems to me that the politics and these kinds of activities... Well, of course that is his choice, but I think that Kasparov is born for something else. Personally I would like him to be in chess and train new generations or do something similar. I would like him to contribute to developing of chess, to visit tournaments, events, etc. I think that would be great."   


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