Not Any Worse...

Время публикации: 15.02.2013 03:06 | Последнее обновление: 15.02.2013 03:10

In Moscow: people, fuss, mud, traffic jams, subway and chess players.  

In Jurmala: silence, fresh air, peace, pines, the sea and chess players. 

Yes, it's not summer time. Yes, instead of quartz sand there's not really white snow, but still, still...

Most of the participants arrived to Jurmala yesterday, they will compete in Petrov Memorial which is held for the second year in a row. 

Some of the participants live in Hotel Europe.

Dmitry Kryakvin arrived in Jurmala not as just GM or journalist or the member of ACP, but as the co-author of the book about Vladimir Petrov.

"How it all has started? - Dmitry tells. - I read the transcript of the live talk on Chess-News [Alexei Shirov, Sergey Voronkov and Vladimir Dedkov talked about Latvian chess and Vladimir Petrov on Chess-News in December 2011 - CN]. I got interested and started studying Petrov's games. I was amazed: he actually played on equal terms with the top players of that time! So, I decided to go deeper, then Shirov also got interested... As a result we released the book." 

The organizer of the competition GM Alexei Shirov together with his wife do everything in order to comfort the participants of the memoerial. "This is a nice city, - GM agreed with me. - But it's not the only nice city in Latvia."

As we talk with Alexei about the venue of the memorial, he immediately remembers Wijk aan Zee. "If they solved the problem of "winter lull" there, why we couldn't do that here in Jurmala..."

So, here's Latvian Wijk. Not any worse than the Dutch one.


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