Maria Severina: "I Think None of Us Should Be Blamed in This Situation"

Время публикации: 21.01.2013 23:43 | Последнее обновление: 22.01.2013 22:12

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Е.KLIMETS: Hello, this is Chess-News and Maria Severina is with us.


Е.KLIMETS: Our website always tries to give an opportunity to speak out to both sides. Unfortunately, recently you were a participant of the incident that took place at the Dvorkovich Memorial [Severina was registered loss on time against Pushkov in Round 3 - CN]. Would you like to comment on what has happened?

М.SEVERINA: Yes, I do. I think that the players shouldn't suffer because the clocks at the competition aren't set correctly. I can understand my opponent as well as I 'm aware of my own situation - I think none of us should be blamed in this situation.

E.KLIMETS: What do you think was the best way out of that situation?

M.SEVERINA: I believe that if my rival wasn't happy with the fact that we got 30 minutes increment after 33 moves, he had to call for the arbiter immediately. However, he waited until we made 40 moves and my flag "dropped", and only then asked for the referee. I think he didn't behave properly. The arbiter did it correctly. I just needed to appeal against the decision, but at that moment I was too upset to do that.

Е.KLIMETS: Is it your first time in Taganrog?

М.SEVERINA: No, I have been here during the Higher League 2011, but the competition wasn't successful for me. As regards to this tournament at the moment I'm really satisfied. Everything's just perfect. And the competition is organised... I'm a bit surprised, but I like it. 



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