"The Sticky Finger": Incident at the Dvorkovich Memorial

Время публикации: 21.01.2013 21:33 | Последнее обновление: 21.01.2013 21:36

Ivaschenko - Esipenko encounter in Round 7 of the Dvorkovich Memorial finished in the same way as Pushkov - Severina in Round 3. The time was added prematurely - after 39th move. Vadim Ivaschenko started to think, but the young arbiter Trifonov was by side and registered defeat for white. Ivaschenko disagreed with the decision of the referee, however, the chief arbiter Mikhail Krjukov has calmly explained to Ivaschenko: the clock works properly, 39 moves have been made and more time has been spent then it was possible theoretically.

Our correspondent Elena Klimets reports that one of the possible reasons of the incident is Ivaschenko's sticky finger: at some point his finger didn't come off the button, so the clock switched again. This is how the "additional move" took place although it wasn't played.

The participants of the competition joke "the sticky finger changed the march of history."    


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