I Need Your Help

Время публикации: 19.01.2013 22:08 | Последнее обновление: 20.01.2013 18:33

My mom was diagnosed with the malignant mediastinal tumor several days ago. Now the life has divided into "before" and "after." I'm only 19, but only I can look for the doctors, clinics and do anything that may help in this terrible situation.

This is insanely hard, but I should do this - I should save life to my dearest person in the world.

If you can provide any financial support it will be received gratefully. If you also know good oncologists/hematologists, who can give an advice on what kind of treatment to choose, please, share this information as well.  
phone: +7 (921) 944 11 92. E-mail: butuk.maria@gmail.com


Banking details:

Euro remittance
Recipient bank: “ROSBANK” (OJSC JSCB)
Legal address of the recipient bank: 107078, MOSCOW MASHI PORYVAYEVOY STR. 1
Correspondent banks for payment in EURO: Societe General S.A.
Account number: 40817978293770000286
Recipient: Maria Butuk

Thank you for your help and support, it helps me to cope with this.


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