Alexey Dreev: "Those Who Play Good Chess Only by the Help of Engines Are Afraid of Rapid"

Время публикации: 04.01.2013 01:35 | Последнее обновление: 04.01.2013 01:39

"We love classical chess and we won't ever give up on it," Alexey Dreev emphasized recently on the air of Chess-News radio. At the same time GM noted that classical chess has changed dramatically and that rapid has some undoubted advantages.

"You may see who is who in rapid and that's an absolute truth. One may use computer analyses and memory in classic. I emphasize memory, because it's a great help for any professional player. [,,,] The player who remembers theory surely has an advantage in comparison with the one who remembers nothing; but is that the advantage of him as a real player? Is he stronger if he just memorized some computer analyses better than his opponent? Is that his advantage? I have no explanation for this. Rapid is really fair. Computer analyses and even opening preparation mean nothing in rapid. Your qualities as a player - this is what matters in rapid. Check the results of rapid tournaments, they're usually won by strong players. Not that only I win them. For instance the last World Rapid Championship in Astana: who became the winner? Karjakin. Who was second? Carlsen. I mean it wasn't won by the player with 2600 rating points. You have the same chess and people in rapid, those who are good will be finishing in the top of the table. That's why they have nothing to fear. Do you know who is afraid of rapid? Those who play good chess only by the help of engines." 



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