Dvorkovich Memorial With the Prize Fund of 40,000 $US Will Be the First Stage of the Cup of Russia

Время публикации: 26.12.2012 20:55 | Последнее обновление: 26.12.2012 20:55

The discussion around the new series of the Cup of Russia has started less than in a month after the final of the last Cup of Russia has finished. Soon after the holidays Vladimir Dvorkovich Memorial will open the new season of tournaments.

The competition is scheduled to take place from January 14

The playing hall is already well known for those who have participated in Memorial held in summer and Russian Championship
Higher League

The Memorial dedicated to the honored arbiter Vladimir Dvorkovich is annually held in August, while the competition planned to be held in January tends to become a special event dedicated to Dvorkovich's 75th anniversary. The organizers have a good reason to think that a lot of Grandmasters will be interested in the event - the prize fund of the tournament is 40,000 $US (first place prize 10,000 $US). The preliminary participants' list consists of Sanan Sjugirov, Denis Khismatullin, Ivan Popov, Dmitry Bocharov, Artem Timofeev and some other GMs.

The participants can register on the website or by the time of arrival. The organizers promise to offer discounts for the accomodation to those who will register before January 1.   

Chess-News correspondent will work on the spot, so follow us to get detailed information from the competition.


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