Ilya Levitov Quoted the Sponsor of Aeroflot Open:"The Classical Tournament Will Be Closed. It's Boring, Miserable and Useless"

Время публикации: 23.12.2012 16:14 | Последнее обновление: 23.12.2012 16:19

Ilya Levitov, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Russian Chess Federation, responded to GM Emil Sutovsky's "obituary" for the tournament published on his Facebook page:

"That's not just changing of the competition format. I mean, there's no a global change. We add something new. The sponsor made a specific request on what kind of format, participants and the program for the kids-spectators he wants to see. The classical tournament was great for the chess players. The sponsor has formulated his demand: we will close the classical tournament. It's boring, miserable and useless for our company. They were clear in what they want and how much they will pay for it. We in this case are kind of contractors organizing the event."

GM Alexander Khalifman asked Levitov to specify if "boring, miserable and useless" were the sponsor's direct words, Levitov responded: "Almost."

The Chairman of the Management Board of the Russian Chess Federation added: "I completely agree that young and promising players should play classical chess somewhere. I promise to work on that, but classical tournaments are extremely expensive and long. We have Tal Memorial, is it any useful? I'm not quite sure about that."  


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