Ilyumzhinov Chose Turkish Women's Team to Participate in WWTC

Время публикации: 22.12.2012 19:27 | Последнее обновление: 11.01.2013 21:35

The FIDE Women's World Team Championship is scheduled to be held from March 2-13 in Astana, Kazakhstan. At the moment the tournament has not got an official website; the participants haven't been officially announced, however, as Chess-News has found out the FIDE President nominee team has been determined, that is Turkish national women's team.

According to the official Regulations of the championship published on the FIDE website this is how the teams will be chosen:
• The previous event's Women’s World Team Champion
• The three highest-placed teams in the FIDE Olympiad prior to the event.
• The four Continental Champions. The qualifiers will be the winners of the ultimate, respective Continental Championship organised at least six months prior to the Women’s World Team Championship.
• A team from the organizing federation.
• A team to be nominated by FIDE President and ranked in the official FIDE top sixteen countries list six months prior to the event.

Further the following statement is made: "If any team would have already qualified according to one of these criteria, this place will be given to the next highest ranked country, in the Olympiad preceding the Women’s World Team Championship" which means one of the strongest teams of the world - Georgian women's team, is eliminated as long as it took only 8th place at the last Olympiad. Some other teams also won't take part in the championship although the average rating of their member players is higher than of the players of Turkish national team. 


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