Alexander Martynov Will Meet Kramnik, Gelfand, Anand and Caruana

Время публикации: 21.12.2012 23:25 | Последнее обновление: 24.12.2012 03:20

The winner of the game "Smartest way to Zurich" was determined LIVE on Chess-News  

The final of the game "The smartest way to Zurich" has finished an hour ago on Chess-News. Five finalists competed for the prize: Alexander Martynov and Anton Gubanov (both from St. Petersburg), Igor Kolmakov (Tel Aviv), Oleg Rakhmilevich from Nikolaev and Anton Rakhmilevich from Ashdod. All of them scored maximum 15 points in five qualification rounds.

The rules of the final are available here. Alexander Martynov was first to gather 6 points, thus he won the trip to Zurich Chess Challenge tournament which will take place from February 23 to March 1. He will be able to meet all the participants of the tournament: Kramnik, Anand, Gelfand and Caruana.

Chess-News congratulates Alexander and thanks everyone who participated in the game from the very first qualification round.   


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