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Oldhands celebrated victory over Snowdrops

What happened to Snowdrops in the second part of the match? Young players should find the answer on this question.

After girls have defeated experienced players in three rounds in a row most of the spectators didn't believe Oldhands could recover. Most sceptical minds said the organizers choice of the participants was uneven, while the players of Oldhands team were advised not to accept invitations to these kind of competitions any longer.

Things have changed after the rest day, which was spent by the participants differently - Gunina and Kashlinskaya had a walk in the city, while Sachdev chose skiing. Meanwhile Oldhands put themselves together and proved the show wasn't over yet.

As a result, at the final dinner Sergei Movsesian the captain of women's team had to admit the experience turned out to be stronger than energy.     

"You gave us a good lesson, - Sergei addressed himself to Oldhands. - You showed how one should fight despite a hard match situation. We will remember this lesson, because we can improve."

The organizer of the match Pavel Matocha awarded Valentina Gunina and Tania Sachdev of Snowdrops, as well as Wolfgang Uhlmann of Oldhands a special prize.

The evening finished in a bar, but that's not for the news report.

Information on the match


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  • Podebrady will once again gather Snowdrops and Oldhands in a match which will take place from November 29 to December 9. 

    Oldhands or the team of experienced grandmasters:
    Boris Gulko
    Vlastimil Hort
    Jan Timman
    Ljubomir Ljubojevic

    Young women players or Snowdrops:
    Anna Muzychuk
    anna Ushenina
    Alina Kashlinskaya
    Tania Sachdev

  • As we've already reported Tania Sachdev was the only "Snowdrop" to choose skiing on a rest day. Chess-News has also got pictures showing how have spent the free day Valentina Gunina and Alina Kashlinskaya. These young ladies preferred to stroll the streets of Prague, it turned out Valya Gunina has visited Czech capital for the first time.  

  • - Oldhands have improved in the second part of the match. How could that happen? - I have asked the oldest Grandmaster in the world, who was an honored guest at the Snowdrops vs. Oldhands match. The events developed in the match didn't surprise Yuri Averbakh:

    - Well, eight rounds is just nothing. Botvinnik said one can play at a high level showing a stable play for 11-12 rounds, so I think the Oldhands just hadn't got tired yet.

  • The friendly match "Snowdrops vs. Oldhands" has finished in Podebrady, Czech Republic. Kashlinskaya - Uhlmann was the last game to finish. Like Krystina Havlikova who played against Fridrik Olafsson, Alina Kashlinskaya stopped the clock recognizing defeat. Gunina - Romanishin, Sachdev - Hort encouters finished peacefully. Thus, Oldhands beat Snowdrops 17-5.
    Table, schedule, results, all games and other information

  • The 7th round games of the Snowdrops vs. Oldhands match started in Podebrady. Veterans are White and lose the young players only a point. Follow the games live. 

  • The Snowdrops vs. Oldhands competition continues in Podebrady, Czech Republic. 

    The participants together with the commentator of the competition Sergei Movsesian

  • The decisive round of the "Snowdrops versus Oldhands" is under way in Podebrady. The overall match score is at the moment equal. Watch the games live.

  • Round 7 of the friendly match in Podebrady turned out to be unexpected: three out of four games were practicaly not played at all. Quick draws were registered in Dorfman - Cmilyte and Ivkov - Ziazulkina encounters. Muzychuk Mariya didn't appeat at the game, so Wolfgang Uhlmann got apoint.

    As Genna Sosonko told Chess-News radio, the Snowdrops are having health problems (supposedly they got poisoned).

  • The match between the young ladies and the veterans - Snowdrops vs. Oldhands - has started today in Podebrady, Czech Republic. Last year's match finished in veteran GMs' confident win. This time the start for men was dramatic: young women players lost only half a point.

  • The friendly match "Snowdrops versus Oldhands" is taking place in Podebrady, Czech Republic. It seemed that there's no intrigue in the match as long as young players took a confident lead in the first part of it. However, the experienced players showed the fight is not over yet and equalized the overall score one round to go:14-14.