Ian Nepomniachtchi: "It's Easy and Pleasant to Help the Main Favourite"

Время публикации: 11.12.2012 00:47 | Последнее обновление: 11.12.2012 00:49

Magnus Carlsen's second in London, Ian Nepomniachtchi shared his impressions on the competition on his VKontakte page:

"London Chess Classic where I, for the first time, tried myself as a second has finished today. I was really lucky with my ward: it's easy and pleasant to help the favourite of the competition and it's even more pleasant when the result exceeds all expectations! +5 =3 - a brilliant performance, especially if taking into account that in the first half of the tournament Magnus at times played thoughtlessly; however, when facing any problem he put himself together instantly, so it's completely wrong to think that 5.5 points he gathered in first 6 games is the result of his rivals' generosity.

[...] Kramnik's performance was very confident and intense. Vladimir repeated his last year's result (+4 =4) having not a single suspicious game, he at the same time lost the winner only half a point.

Aronian had one of his worst tournaments. I hope Levon will recover from this failure quickly and show his usual play in Wijk-aan-Zee. The World Champion's play looked really unimpressive. Well, in last 1,5-2 years Anand rarely plays with dedication or wholeheartedly. 

Adams and Nakamura shared 3-4. I almost didn't follow Hikaru's games, while Michael practically recovered from his last year's failing performance and if not his odd loss against Carlsen he could fight for even better table places.

After the organizers managed to solve my visa issues (which have really surprised and upset me), it was even more joyful to become a part of such a tense tournament full of fight, to work with pleasure and get such a result. I would like to come back here the next year, but in a different status."


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