The Russian Yugra is Not Breaking Up

Время публикации: 03.12.2012 22:02 | Последнее обновление: 03.12.2012 22:06

One of the strongest Russian clubs Yugra is not breaking up. This was announced by the captain of the team Alexander Khalifman. The future of the club was under question after several relatively failing performances at the European competitions; however, the agreement on the further cooperation was approved on the last meeting of the board. Yugra will participate in the upcoming Russian Championship which is scheduled to take place on April, 2013. The compesition of the team will undergo some changes. 

Let us remind you that at the last European Club Cup Yugra was represented by Jakovenko, Shirov, Malakhov, Korobov, Rublevsky, Dreev, Pridorozhni and Kabanov. 


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